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Mostafizur Rahman

(Additional Secretary)

Chief Executive Officer

I welcome the visitors of informative Dhaka South City Corporation (DSCC) website.According the phenomenalRead More This is the first part of the text, the part that will be seen originally. growth of population & services in DSCC area, we are trying hard to achieve much with the support of the people that is sworn to serve. Now we are promoting 'Green & Clean City' with a view to build safe future for the people. Hope, People would support and participate this programmes. Despite some Challenges DSCC prioriting the need of the city-dewlher & providing services to the people with a view to ensure transparency and faster service delivery DSS have introduced E-service for birth registration, Holding Tax and other services including Trade licecce yet to undertake. "Green & Clean City" to the progressive, growing community with hard working & devoted employees.

Public services like: Road-footpath-median, street lights, markets, traffic signals, parks, play grounds, graveyards- cemeteries, community centers, gymnasium, library, mosquito control, food & sanitation, EPI & disinfection activities, city beautification became a challenge for adequate service delivery. DSCC is taking deliberate action to improve the flow of service and improve capacities.

To improve E-service for quick delivery of public service & ensure transparency we have done online birth registration and holding tax & trade license are under process that is taking place to make e-governance. Environment-protection and development must complement and not clash with each other. Nowadays DSCC has taken up some programs for the reduction of green house gases through semi-aerobic landfill development, building up a low carbon society and promoting waste reduction and recycling activities.

I took my oath with a deep sense of gratitude that whatever gains and awards we amassed would never have been ours if it not supported and cooperation that you - the people - gave the city's leadership.

Wishing to make green & Clean Dhaka with the city dwellers-

Chief Executive Officer

Dhaka South City Corporation